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nurtureOne is dedicated to helping parents provide a tranquil, secure resting environment for their newborns, promoting a seamless integration of baby into our world.​

The nurtureOne nesting cushion was designed and endorsed by occupational therapists to meet the sensory needs of the premature baby and is used in intensive care units countrywide in South Africa. It has now been further developed to meet the needs of all new-born babies.

This unique product ensures an intensely secure and comfortable environment in your baby’s carry cot, incubator or bed. It helps ensure that your baby is comfortable and that early development is sensory-appropriate. The cushion promotes touch and body awareness as it moulds around your baby, allowing him/her to feel safe and secure. The multi-sensory environment of the nurtureOne nesting cushion does not impede movement but rather stimulates sensory motor development.

The nurtureOne nesting cushion:
  • Becomes a sleep association as your baby grows
  • Molds around your baby, creating a womb-like environment, for containment and calmness
  • Stimulates sensory motor development – does not impede movement so babies can self-soothe
  • Provides boundaries in bed
  • Prevents flathead syndrome as you position your baby in a soft and supportive environment
  • Allows for smooth transition from breast or bottle to baby’s bed

nurtureOne is dedicated to providing a rich and secure sleep environment for the newborn

The nurtureOne nesting cushion is an ideal sensory environment for the newborn, allowing for a smooth transition from feeding to crib. The safe and portable cushion is the answer to every parent’s question:
How can I help my baby sleep well?

What the professionals are saying about nurtureOne

Emily Jackson
"I just wanted to let you know I've been recommending the nurture one pillow and I had some lovely feedback from a mum who said that the first night her baby slept on it was such a difference. It's been transformative to his sleeps and comfort. This baby was breech for a long time and had a very scrunched up neck and mishapened head from this position which is common for breech babies. The pillow has really helped him regain shape and balance to his head.It has also been great for treating babies on when they need a little more enticing to lie down!"
Newborns are particularly sensitive. They crave to be enveloped, warm and snug: all the things that remind them of the womb. I have worked successfully over the years with the nurtureOne cushion, particularly for those colicky, fussy babies who have difficulty settling to sleep. In my opinion 'a must' for all newborn babies!
Dr Anna Keating
Paediatric Osteopath
(Leinster Square Practice, London)
Leading Child Chiropractor
The success of the nurtureOne Nesting Cushion is evident in the responses from our clients. Mums can feed the baby, supported in the nest, and then transfer to the crib without too much disruption. Babies remain calm when they are snug and secure.
Cindy Homewood
Bowwood Baby Clinic
The nurtureOne cushion was the best present I received with my second child. My third child loved it so much, he used it well into his second year! Both of my boys found it a soothing, comforting and nurturing sleep environment - everything a mother wants for her baby. As a therapist, I gladly recommend it to parents of both term and preterm babies, as it facilitates all the therapeutic outcomes we aspire to in terms of regulation and motor development. A wonderful, wonderful product!
As an occupational therapist, it was important for me to give my children a comforting sensory environment so as to ensure a smooth easy transition from womb to world. The nurtureOne cushion ensured that they were always positioned in a safe, developmentally correct position within a beneficial tactile and proprioceptive environment. It also meant that wherever we went with our babies, they slept as though they were in their own beds because our cushion accompanied us on all our outings. After the dummy, it was my most prized possession!
Lizl Dennis
Haley Rogoff
Paediatric and Sensory Therapist

What the parents are saying about nurtureOne

I used the nesting cushion with my kids. I particularly enjoyed using it in my own bed, as I breastfed and co-slept. I could easily move baby without disturbing it too much, on the cushion itself. I also felt less scared of accidentally rolling over baby in my sleep, as the baby had its own, confined space. With my youngest I borrowed a special, store-bought crib that you're supposed to use if you put baby in your own bed, but I found that he was uncomfortable, so I switched back to the cushion. In the latter he seemed to be cosier, without real risk factors for cot death.
I have used the nurtureOne for both my baby boys and it was incredible. The fact that it is totally portable meant that wherever we went (and we travel a lot), they would have their safe, comfortable 'nest' with them and I knew they were fully supported and nurtured within it.
Karen Kallmann
Doctor and mother of 2
Mother of 4
As a third time mom I was grateful to find something so versatile for my little boy. The nurtureOne cushion has so many uses and it is containing, warm and cuddly and safe. He slept with it in his carry cot, couch, cot and lap. It often helped to soothe him when he was craky as it became like his comfort blanket.
The nurtureOne nesting cushion was the most useful gift that I received - my baby loved it and slept well on it in many places: friends houses, the sofa, coffee shops and a even a long haul flight. It is so easy to carry, use and wash. It was a lifesaver
Lindsay Dibowitz
Doctor and mother in Australia
Owner of Thula Baby Centre

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good sleeping patterns


sensory development


unnecessary stress


transition from feeding to crib


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